For Such a Time as This

I have noticed in my life and in the lives of other homeschool families that God begins to prepare us for this calling well in advance before we become privy to His plan. He shapes our lives in such a way, using the twists and turns of our daily experience, bringing us to a cross-road marked by one life-changing question--
Should we homeschool our children?
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Lord Heritage was established in 2012 primarily as a voice, calling parents back into a covenant relationship with the Lord to preserve God's Truth in education, prepare the next generation for Kingdom living, and realize the promises of His heritage.
The family images God's Glory in an intimate and unique way. Each member has a specific role to fufill as image bearers and a homeschool environment  is an ideal setting to learn and grow in His Grace together.
It is only though a covenant relationship that two or more function together as one. As homeschool parents, we are invited into this relationship with the Lord to be effective tools in the hands of the Master for His purposes in education. Therefore, Lord Heritage focuses on helping families implement New Covenant Education and provides tools that support this calling.
We offer three main tools that support New Covenant Education for homeschool families. These tools offer a God focused and organized approach to managing your homeschool.
        Homeschool Mission Statement keeps families focused on fundamental christian goals to prepare their children for life.
        Homeschool Covenant clarifies the God-given roles and expectations in the family while homeschooling.
        HomeSchool Office   gives families the tools needed to manage an efficient homeschool and follows a proven strategy found
          throughout the Scriptures.      
We offer two monthly newsletters to support and encourage families as they grow in God's Grace together.   
        ThePREPARER focuses it's message specifically for parents to encourage them in their calling. Identifying Christ as our
         Provider of Salvation, we are called to be the Preparers of the next generation according to His Truth. 
        GRANDParenting focuses it's message around grandparents. God's image is displayed in His wonderful plan of having
         three generations alive at the same time. Grandparents have an important role in a family's heritage and should be
         encouraged to support their family in the preservation of God's Truth in education.
Choosing to homeschool is a mission in itself. Many families sacrifice financially in order to answer the call to homeschool. Therefore, Lord Heritage offers these families support and the tools to implement New Covenant Education at NO COST! 
We ask for the financial support of willing families and their loved ones to donate toward the expense of keeping these tools available. By contributing, you are joining families in this great mission to preserve the sanctity of the family and prepare the next generation according to God's Truth through a homeschool environment.

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New Covenant Education MIssion Statement used in homeschools to help families stay focused on the main goals as they prepare their children for life.
Print a copy to use in your homeschool.
NCE Written Covenant used by families to clarify their individual roles and expectations as they homeschool.
Print a copy to use in your homeschool.
A web-based program for families to plan, organize, and manage their homeschool by using a proven strategy found throughout the Scriptures.
Sign up to begin using  it in your homeschool.