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Pattern of Covenant

Covenant making originated with God. Through Jesus Christ,
God made available to us His New Covenant. 
He committed Himself in a loving relationship with mankind
to become one with us through His Holy Spirit. 
He established the roles of authority for our benefit and provision;
and set forth commandments for us to follow as a way to show
our love and commitment to Him. In a relationship
it is not enough for us to just say we are committed. 
Specific actions will be evident to witness our sincerity.
If we stay true to our commitment, rewarding promises follow.
If we fall away, discipline is inevidable, but for the sole purpose
of re-establishing our commitment to Him and bring us back into
the benefits of the covenant relationship.
This covenant relationship is recorded in His Written Word and is a
powerful tool for us to refer to. It provides clarification, instruction, accountability, security, and assurance. 

Whether it is known or not, our community follows the pattern
of covenant in businesses, schools, organizations, and clubs.
It appears under the titles of "Policies and Procedures,"
"Terms and Conditions," "Expectations and Behaviors."
Secular and Christian organizations alike aknowledge that it
is a needed tool to function together as one for a common
purpose. It establishes the reason for the relationship, the
roles of authority, and the expected responsibilities of the
people involved. It outlines the benefits of a loyal relationship
and the consequences of a strained relationship. These written
agreements are also used for clarification, instruction, accountability, security, and assurance.